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Felices los que son perseguidos por causa del bien,porque de ellos es el Reino de los cielos.Felices ustedes, cuando por causa mía los insulten,los persigan y les levanten toda clase de calumnias. Mateo 5,10-11


I honestly don’t know the last time an album meant this much to me and hit me so drastically. @miwband new album Reincarnate came out today and I may not have the money to buy it yet, but it’s been up on YouTube and on repeat nearly 24 hours now. I was listening to the Reincarnate single and these lyrics just made me want to draw. And as I went through each song, inspiration just kept piling up at my feet! I now hope to create some image or design for each of my favorite lyrics. I’m about to start a design for my favorite song, Wasp. Hope you like it! I’d really like to thank you for this album and the work put into it, it’s absolutely phenomenal! @ryanmiw @chrismotionless @joshbalz @lonesomeghosts1937 @rickyhorrorx #reincarnate #motionlessinwhite #MIW

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